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Through your support, we can continue to support the startup community and realise our shared vision of a prosperous, diversified Western Australian economy.

3. Module 1 and Module 2 Applicant Sponsorship

By sponsoring the first and second modules CERI offers, you will enable a member of the WA community to complete both the Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp and Concept to Creation. After providing the foundation for how to think in the Bootcamp, our Concept to Creation teaches them what to think. Delivering essential skills across 18 weeks, participants learn from real-world experts on topics such as business planning, customer development, pitching, branding, IP strategy and corporate structure. Graduates will also receive 50 credits towards ESIC company status and are ready to form their own startup company. 


Support our Mission

CERI's mission is to enable the leaders and industries of the future, beginning right here in Western Australia. To do this, we need your help. Your contribution will allow us to continue supporting the Western Australian community, ensuring the accessibility of crucial business education and startup resource for everyone. 

As a registered Non-for-profit, charitable organisation, all donations are tax-deductible, with a receipt of payment provided. 

2. Module 1 Applicant Sponsorship

By sponsoring the first module in CERI's catalogue of courses, you will enable a member of the WA community to complete the Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp. An interactive 2-day course, the education and training focus on empowering and inspiring Western Australian's at the beginning of your innovation journey. 

4. Program Sponsorship

The education we provide is at the heart of what we do here at CERI. Through our programs, we can embed the entrepreneurial spirit into the Western Australian community, provide essential entrepreneurial learning and establish more connections withing the local startup network. Through partnerships with organisations, institutes and high-worth individuals, we can create new courses tailored to meet the current needs of the entrepreneurial community. Together, we work with our program sponsors to develop an industry-leading program for the Western Australian Landscape. Together with your support, we can make real change, fostering new industries and diversify our economy.  

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1. Nominal Donation

Whether $100 or $100,000, every contribution to CERI supports the Western-Australian community. Your contribution will allow us to continue providing world-class entrepreneurship education and provide sponsorships, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to build a better WA.

When you Donate

When you make a contribution to CERI, the following will happen:​

  • your donation will be processed within 2 business days and we will notify when complete.

  • you will receive a personal thank-you letter from the CERI team

  • Your name will be displayed amongst our sponsors at our next public event

  • if you have raised interest in sponsoring a course, considering a substantial value or requested further information, we will be in contact within 2 business days. 

If you have any special requests, feel free to get in contact or in the donation form.