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CERI is unlike any other start-up hub. We provide meeting and full time office spaces as well as hot-desking and co-working space to our program alumni. We are focused on education and provide access to formal training as well as experiential learning so our attendees can grasp the essential elements of becoming high-impact entrepreneurs, with an increased likelihood of success. Our sessions are guided by our experienced teams of business professionals to ensure our CERIans get the most out of each module session. Everything learned at CERI is process-driven, so the knowledge gained during the program can be applied along any career path.

CERI offers three education modules that can be customised to address specific industry sectors, organisations, and circumstances. The modules assist researchers in developing their entrepreneurial skills to take them through the innovation process, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to expand their horizons and open up a world of career possibilities, including establishing a start-up company. 

Our three key Modules focus on learning by doing, encouraging action and providing an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship first-hand.
Our flow-through program encompasses the three critical stages of the development process, taking participants from researcher to Founder.

Our Scientific and Investment Advisory Panel consists primarily of industry experts, angel and venture capital investment representatives, and proven entrepreneurs. Panel members are selected on their credentials and comprise local, domestic and international involvement. They play a vital role in the assessment of applications for the Start-up Formation module of the CERI program, as well as assessing competitions or Research-a-thons, and granting CERI travel scholarships.

Enrolment into the program is by online application. Successful applicants are offered either full or partial scholarships. Admission and scholarships are merit-based and allocated according to fit and eligibility. Combined, the modules are valued at a total of $5,000

If you would like to apply, complete the online application form. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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