Our Programs, Your Future

We believe that any startup is only as successful as the people behind it. As such, the programs here at CERI have been designed to focus on developing the skills and knowledge essential to a successful entrepreneur. Our comprehensive entrepreneurship and commercialisation programs deliver experiential learning, education and professional training, resulting in a startup-ready toolkit so you can hit the ground running. Each program has been designed around a core aspect essential for success: your mindset, your knowledge and your customers. Explore below to learn more about our courses. 

MALKA Customer Development Masterclass

A Hands-on approach to developing your customer pipeline, refining your value proposition and creating customers for life.

Team Mentor Program

The expert advisory panel your Start-up needs from those that have been there.

CERI Residency

When you’re ready to take the leap, CERI will be there.


Your own professional, experienced CEO working alongside your Start-up.

Concept to Creation

Covering a diverse range of skills and information from business strategy to presenting, Concept to Creation ensures you have a better understanding of the things you will need to build a successful Start-up.

CERI Bootcamp

Teaching you the essential skills and foundational knowledge at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.


Providing essential education, support and guidance throughout your entrepreneurial journey.