CEO In Residence


Successful businesses are a result of good business decisions, and the larger your business grows, the more important these decisions become. Applying the skills learned through the Customer Development Masterclass requires business-focused approaches; this is where CERI's CEO in Residence program helps. By undertaking this program during your Customer Development Masterclass, you will be given mentoring and strategic oversight from our in-house, experienced business CEO on how to make educated, business-level decisions and apply management skills to maintain a successful business.

Course Outline

The CEO in Residence Program is your CEO training. With an experienced CEO by your side, you will have the advice you need, when you need it. They will help keep you accountable; focusing you on what is most crucial and ensuring you meet your deadlines. Whether business planning and ideation or negotiating a deal with a customer, you will learn to think like a CEO, making the most informed decisions.

Aspects of the program include:

  • Weekly contact with CERI's experienced CEO-in-Residence to review participant’s progression and application with tools and skills acquired during the Customer Development Masterclass

  • Guidance through the use of financial tools and sales pipeline metrics for tracking and marketing to early-stage customers to ensure the best possible path to initial sales

  • Nailing your quantifiable value proposition so you can position yourself where your customers are

  • Applying Objectives and Key Results (OKR), lead indicator metrics, and financial reporting in a high-level, business-centric approach to drive business performance and acclimatise participants to the strategic thinking approaches necessary to operate a developing business.


The CERI CEO in Residence Program provides participants experiential learning in what it takes to run a commercial business. On completion, participants will be able to:

  • gain advice and guidance through early-stage development of your business from a dedicated and highly experienced business CEO

  • An ability to apply decision making and management skills into a business-centric framework and context

  • An ability to manage high level strategic and financial metrics necessary to operate a successful business.

  • Tools and skills for tracking potential customers and tailoring your offering to better meet their needs, ensuring new sales.


The CEO in Residence Program is highly selective with limited participants per cohort. The CEO in Residence works with CERI to determine the Start-ups they will be working with.

Please note that only CERI Resident companies being eligible.