CERI Residency


The CERI Residency Program takes everything learnt from the first two modules and puts them into practice. Establishing a Start-up with a clear, tangible goal, you will have access to mentorship and a variety of additional learning and networking opportunities. Applicants will also be given the opportunity to take up residency within CERI, your own office space in CERI’s Headquarters located only 10 minutes from Perth's CBD.

The CERI Residency Program is your opportunity to become a company founder within the CERI community. For those ready to take the leap, CERI provides access to mentorship, learning and networking opportunities improving your chances of success.

But I am already a founder?

CERI’s mission is to ensure the economic prosperity of Western Australia through the Start-up companies we support. If you have already founded a company outside of CERI, you are still more than welcome to apply for the CERI Residency Program and Residency.

Please note that the Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp and either Concept to Creation or the Customer Development Masterclass is a prerequisite.

Course Outline

For resident companies, you gain full access to the CERI ecosystem. Dedicated office-space with after-hours access is your Start-ups base of operations. Furthermore, residents gain access to all CERI amenities as needed.

These include:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

  • Common area and kitchen

  • Access to the business centre and boardroom

  • Conference and meeting facilities

  • Access to the CERI library

  • Allocated onsite parking.

Resident companies are also assigned a minimum of one mentor, helping to guide the success of your Start-up through experience.


The CERI Residency Program aims to give your Start-up the best start possible. With a plethora of amenities and opportunities, you will be in the best position to cultivate the success of your business. Ultimately, the outcome of this program is dependent on your ability to seize the opportunity provided.


  • CERI Concept to Creation Graduates

  • CERI Residents

  • CERI Customer Development Masterclass participants.