Team Mentor Program


The CERI Team Mentor Program is an official "Sister" program of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service. This program provides ongoing support to our Start-ups. Our mentors are all experienced, highly skilled, successful professionals focused on what they can give, not what they can get from program participation. These mentors act as your personal advisory team, helping you build your business.

Course Outline

The Team Mentor Program consists of monthly meetings with your mentor team. During these meetings, your team will help overcome the challenges your Start-up is facing. From helping with your core business model to negotiating a deal with a client, your team of mentors combine their experiences and work with you to progress your company.

Your monthly meetings are your board meetings. Set in CERI’s board room, you will have an agenda, minutes and actionable items after every session. This provides experiential learning in how to effectively run board meetings in your company, negotiate with high-level stakeholders and work collaboratively with your future board of directors.

Based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, CERI’s Team Mentor Program comprises a strict Code of Conduct and Governance Plan. This clearly details the expectations, roles and responsibilities and the importance of transparency and trust as being core values of the mentor teams. From private and public, national and international companies, every mentor is a role-model for those who join CERI.


The Team Mentor Program is focused on providing you with the best guidance possible. The Result? Your team of mentors will help you make the best decisions; faster. Helping to keep your business on track, your mentor team will ensure work is being done, ensuring you stay focused. Furthermore, as experienced experts in their respective fields, your mentor team can provide valuable insights and opportunities, utilising their own networks.


  • CERI Concept to Creation Graduates

  • CERI Residents

  • CERI Customer Development Masterclass participants.