Funding early-stage startups today; enabling the Industries of tomorrow.
CERI Start grew from a generous donation from Anthony Torresan of The Torresan Group, and Charlie Bass, Founder and Executive Chair of CERI in 2021 [pictured above]. CERI received permanent DGR1 status in July 2021 which will allow our fund to grow through high-impact philanthropic donations. CERI Start is intended to provide eligible CERI alumni with micro-seed funding to assist with product development, R&D and early-stage commercialisation support. CERI Start will provide a rare opportunity for early-stage WA startups to receive much needed small pots of funding to de-risk and accelerate their innovations to be able to reach customers or further funding opportunities.

Sustainable Growth

CERI Start funding is competitively awarded and provided to startups in the form of a SAFE: A Simple Agreement for Future Equity. If a CERI Start funding recipient successfully raises capital in the future and the SAFE converts to shares, CERI will reinvest all gains back into the CERI Start fund, ensuring the fund remains sustainable and donors can track the impact of their donations as the fund grows.

Grow the Fund

CERI has Deductible Gift Recipient 1 (DGR 1) status, meaning all donations (non-conditional gifts) to CERI and the CERI Start fund are eligible for tax deduction and donors will receive a receipt from CERI upon donating.
The Benefits
Support CERI's vision to diversify the WA economy through high-technology commercialisation and entrepreneurship education. Contribute to the growth of high-impact startups and directly help them translate their ideas to market, contributing to job creation in WA and a diverse entrepreneurial portfolio. Receive annual Impact reports for your organisation on the CERI Start fund so you can track and measure the impact of your donation. Donations designated for CERI Start will be allocated directly to the fund.