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The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI) guides innovators to create impact - join us on the first step of your journey today.

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CERI is a social enterprise supporting the next generation of Western Australia's entrepreneurs. Our programs are curated to educate and empower early-stage entrepreneurs, PhD students and visionaries within the Western Australian community. We offer a range of services to help your startup grow. From education to mentorship, workplace residency, industry exposure and access to an extensive network of experts and like-minded people.
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August 2024 Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp

Over two immersive days of learning, the CERI Team teaches you the essential skills, values and foundational knowledge at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

September 2024 Customer Development Masterclass

Over 11 weeks, the program will assist you to develop an advanced and quantified value proposition using customer and market validation tools and techniques.

September 2024 Concept to Creation

Over the 11-week program, maintain your momentum and develop your startup business skills each Thursday evening from 5 pm - 7 pm. Each session is delivered by a subject expert, covering a diverse range of skills to elevate you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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CERI’s purpose is to elevate innovators and entrepreneurs in Western Australia.
We provide a people-first and founder-friendly environment that is collaborative, inclusive and dedicated to your growth.
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Since opening doors in August 2016, CERI has:
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Companies Successfully Acquiring Seed Funding
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Latest NEWS

January 25, 2024

Charlie Bass Senior Australian of the Year Nomination

Read Time:

1 Minute

CERI founder, Charlie Bass has been nominated for Senior Australian of the Year for his work supporting WA entrepreneurs.

Australian of The Year Awards

April 23, 2024

Start-up success: getting the recipe right

Read Time:

CERI CEO Toby Swingler discusses what traits set startups apart and gives them a competitive edge.

Read Here

April 1, 2024

Raising the bar on who can invest in start-ups

Read Time:

CERI CEO Toby Swingler and startup GeneS feature on ABC's 7:30 report.

Watch Here

March 11, 2024

Terra15 Article in The West Australian

Read Time:

Former CERI company, Terra15 boss Nader Issa says pipe monitoring tech will put WA on global map for innovation.

Read Here

March 8, 2024

CERI reveals ingredients for successful startup

Read Time:

CERI shares key ingredients for a successful startup with Business Daily Media.

Read Here

December 12, 2023

CERI 2023 Impact Report

Read Time:

3 minutes

We are very pleased to share CERI’s Impact Report for 2023. The report outlines CERI’s activities and achievements for the past year. It also provides an overview of the role CERI’s generous partners play in these successes.

Download the Report Here


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CERI's immense support, mentoring, connections with peers and investors, office space, and funding helped us upskill and streamline our business development. Thanks to CERI's expertise and guidance, I feel more equipped to handle business development projects.

Svetlana Baltic Managing Director

CERI gave me the tools and frameworks required to navigate the entrepreneurial pathway. With the support and encouragement of staff, mentors, and guest speakers I was able to clearly define my business and maximise the probability of success.

Philip Gehrmann Managing Director

Taking part in the CERI programs was a perfect way for me to reflect on my “why” and start my entrepreneurial journey. It established the foundations of my long term vision and gave me a head start in developing my entrepreneurial toolkit and seeing the bigger picture.

Nikhilesh Bappoo Director & CTO

CERI is a great place to meet people and get the tools required to work on your business. The best thing is that you learn the essentials of business development, accounting, IP, funding and more so you can then rely on best practices rather than intuition alone.

Timur Golovinov Founder

CERI has provided us with a solid foundation for what are the key challenges as a start-up and how to overcome them. The team has introduced us to a collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs, a valuable network to be part of.

Joshua Wigley Founder

CERI has given me the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and fields of expertise. Each of them have helped me tremendously on my start-up journey. The skills and knowledge from the CERI programs have been invaluable to me and the development of my project.

Renee Tan Co-Founder

CERI's programs gave me the confidence to go further than just thinking about a possible venture then finding reasons to think it won't work before even trying. They adjusted my mindset, provided me with the tools and knowledge to develop an idea and are now continually encouraging further progress.

Geoffrey Chambon Co-Founder

Delivered by educators, facilitators and mentors who have forged their way to great achievement and continue to succeed so that businesses may emerge with less risk, higher potential for attainment of global impact and our Western Australia economy diversifies.

Steve Stirling Founder

I found the team at CERI to be incredibly professional and genuinely passionate about helping people harness their entrepreneurial mindset. The ongoing guidance and support they provide is priceless and I couldn't be happier with my decision to take part in the courses.

Matt Shales | CEO

CERI is a start-up's dream come true, its leadership understands us, and delivers a well-structured education, support, and mentoring program with top facilities. We are privileged, lucky and grateful to be a resident company at CERI.

Fred Meyer Director

The CERI courses and mentorship were invaluable in helping us to develop a coherent, customer focus to our R&D efforts, and the ongoing community interaction has opened doors we never knew existed.

Mike Le Page | CEO

CERI has provided me with access to mentorship, education, and a great centrally located office, which was pivotal in turning my business idea into reality. At CERI small businesses and start-ups have access to free tools and professional support that most start-ups dream of having (or trade an arm and a leg for).

Thomas Addis Director