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Our programs are designed to offer a cohesive and comprehensive pathway through the startup formation process, from idea to commercialisation. Each program is developed around the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship.

We also offer a range of Alumni programs and benefits for continued professional and network development.




Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp

Teaching you the importance of a growth mindset and how to research your problem-solution fit at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

Concept to Creation

Translate your idea or research into a prototype or minimum viable product. You will learn the core knowledge pillars of business formation, financial literacy, and advanced customer pitching skills.

Customer Development Masterclass

Develop an advanced and quantified value proposition using customer and market validation tools and techniques. Successfully acquire revenue from first adopters and learn the principles of scaling up.

CERI Masterclasses

CERI Masterclasses are a series of standalone workshops on various topics that founders struggle with. The goal is to reduce pain points on the entrepreneurial journey to ensure you are on track to succeed.


Programs and benefits


Continue your learning with CERI’s exclusive digital Alumni Network. CERI+ is a digitally-connected space with business resources, a Founders directory, project support forum, and invite-only events.

CERI MentorING Program

Based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, you will learn the skills and techniques to elevate your startup with experienced industry mentors.
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ceri residency

Are you ready to level up your startup? Eligible CERI Alumni can apply for office residency on an open basis. Applications are subject to space availability.
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CEri start

CERI Start is intended to provide eligible CERI alumni with micro-seed funding to assist with product development, research & development and early-stage commercialisation support.
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September 2024 Customer Development Masterclass

Over 11 weeks, the program will assist you to develop an advanced and quantified value proposition using customer and market validation tools and techniques.