A Global




CERI has developed a global network of innovators through our commitment to fostering a diversified economy in Western Australia. 
To develop the industries and jobs of the future, we have partnered with an extensive range of local and international bodies who share our entrepreneurial drive and vision for the future. Our network consists of a diverse range of business partners, research organisations, universities, government agencies, investors and industry experts, collaboratively working together to build the world of tomorrow.


Our valued donors are central to the operation and development of CERI’s mission. We connect donors and investors to the brightest high-value, high-knowledge opportunities within Western Australia. Since 2015, we have connected excellent investment opportunities, providing a continuous flow of early-stage businesses for investors to review.


Business partners benefit greatly from the collaborative community at CERI and the potential for developing relationships with future business leaders. By connecting business partners with our entrepreneurs, we assist them in identifying a source of business or a solution to business problems. We help them develop relationships from early-stage business concepts that can then develop and shape the face of future industries.


Our startups are at the core of our community and wider network. To date, CERI has incubated 12 ventures in our Nedlands hub, and provided tailored mentoring and training support to a further 30 ventures. Our portfolio is continually growing as new ventures emerge from our entrepreneurial program pipeline.
Through your support, we can continue to support the startup community and realise our shared vision of a prosperous, diversified Western Australian economy.