Our Network

A dynamic startup ecosystem right here in Perth, connecting innovators to industry, experts and beyond.

Donors and Sponsors

CERI is in the business of supporting the industries of the future in Western Australia and the entrepreneurs that create them. We provide potential investors connection to meet the best high-value high-knowledge opportunities Western Australia has to offer. Since 2015 we have connected numerous excellent investment opportunities, providing a constant flow of early-stage businesses for investors to review. By working with private and commercial sponsorship partners, CERI can facilitate programs and support early-stage business concepts that will deliver prosperity to future generations. Sponsorship partners of CERI know they are helping develop the industries and jobs of the future, and a sustainable diversified economy.

If you would like to be involved with making a difference, we would love to hear from you.


CERI is bringing together universities, research organisations, businesses, governments and entrepreneurs at all levels to facilitate a collaborative approach in developing the jobs of the future. As we develop, we will provide more opportunities for a sustainable Western Australian economy, for people seeking employment, and for the community as a whole. The relationships between government and social enterprises like CERI, that support innovation and industry diversification, will benefit all Western Australians today and in the years to come.


Engaging directly with universities, CERI provides the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs and build commercially beneficial relationships that develop the industries and jobs of the future. This creates a wide range of opportunities for universities around the world. We work with our entrepreneurs to identify additional educational requirements and career opportunities directly involving universities both locally and abroad, thereby building their influence and impact.

Research Organisations

CERI works in partnership with research organisations to identify and address new opportunities to improve society. By collaborating with CERI, we can direct the need to facilitate increased productivity, attract new funding, and develop influence through our experience and network. Research organisations benefit from relationships with a high calibre of entrepreneur and the quality research they undertake to develop their concepts.

Business Partners

Business partners benefit greatly from the collaborative community offered by CERI and the potential for developing relationships with the business leaders of the future. By connecting business partners with our entrepreneurs, we identify a source of business or a solution to business problems. We help them develop those relationships that have early-stage business concepts with the potential to develop into an industry of the future.

A Global Network for Tomorrow

Through our commitment to fostering a diversified economy right here in Western Australia, CERI has developed an expansive global network of innovators. To develop the industries and jobs of the future, we have partnered with an extensive range of local and international bodies, all sharing the entrepreneurial mindset and vision for the future. Our network consists of a diverse range of business partners, research organisations, universities government agencies, investors and industry experts; collaboratively working together to build the world of tomorrow.