Customer Development


Run over 11 weeks, the Customer Development Masterclass (CDM) will teach you the essentials of validating your customer problem/solution fit, developing and adjusting your business model and launching your business in the real world. You and your team will be in the driver’s seat for growing your business, with the ultimate tools and expertise at your fingertips through the CDM program.

What to


Facilitated by Andy Lamb, the Customer Development Masterclass consists of weekly sessions with extensive content delivery and real-world, customer engagement deliverables.


  • Customer Discovery
  • Unlocking Early Adopters
  • Business Model
  • Business Planning


  • Move away from a process of leading with the solution to understand the customers problem and how your solution can solve these problems.
  • Recognising where your own biases may be preventing you from moving your project forward.
  • Apply an experimental approach to testing and validating your early adopters and getting customer traction as soon as possible.
  • Removing the fear of selling by flipping the sales process, from a push (outwards) approach to a pull (inwards) approach tied to solving customers problems.
  • Shaping an appropriate business model which is aligned to your current project lifecycle.


Is it For

  • CERI Concept to Creation Graduates with a validated MVP.
  • Start-ups wanting to seed their customer base and grow initial sales.
  • Start-ups who believe that they are ready to start selling or have started selling but are struggling to get traction.

Next Steps

Like Concept to Creation, completing this program opens up new doors and opportunities for you.

You can apply for Startup Residency, CERI Venture Mentor Program and access to the CERI Start Fund once you have completed this course.


Thanks to our donors, CERI can offer substantially reduced pricing on all programs. You will be awarded the respective scholarship with the final pricing listed below if you meet the eligibility criteria.
CDM Student Scholarship
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Final price after scholarship
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The Student Scholarship is for individuals currently studying at an undergraduate or postgraduate level at a recognised training institute.
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Scholarship Eligibility
The applicant must be currently studying a full-time university load of 75 credits or equivalent to be eligible.
CDM Founder Scholarship
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The Founder Scholarship is for individuals currently working on a business concept or idea.
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Scholarship Eligibility
This applicant must be a startup founder or co-founder, have a registered company and have raised less than $100,000 in funding.
CDM Professional Scholarship (Full-time)
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The Professional Scholarship is for individuals currently employed on a full-time basis and looking to progress on their entrepreneurial journey.
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This applicant will be employed on a full-time basis.



Customer Development Masterclass September 2024
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Each Wednesday evening from 5pm - 7.30pm Week 1: 18 September 2024 Week 11: 27 November 2024
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Week 1
18 September 2024
The first week of the CDM program is an introductory session and deep dive into your startup's Value Proposition.
Week 11 | Graduation & Showcase
27 November 2024
The program culminates with a Graduation Evening and a showcase of the highlights of the program.



CERI Venture Mentor Program
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CERI Residency
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