Master various skills and techniques that will help you deliver impact with your business or startup. CERI Masterclasses are a series of workshops on specific topics that founders struggle with. These bespoke courses are established to ensure founders can bypass common pain points and ensure they are on track to succeed.

What to


Masterclasses will be run on various topics throughout the year depending on startup requirements.

Innovative Mindset

You will learn how to find market opportunities, design your value proposition, evaluate the commercial viability, and communicate your solution with clarity.

Investor Readiness

Ensuring that startups are prepared when seeking investment and know what to expect; ensuring they have the right collateral to make progress as simple as possible.

Research Commercialisation

Ensuring researchers have a greater understanding of the commercialisation journey and empowering them to make impact in society.


These sessions will be workshop style so that participants will, once the workshop is completed, have tangible outcomes for their businesses.

Each program will have different outcomes based on the session's requirements.

If there is a topic that you would like to see addressed, please let us know.


Is it For

This course is suitable for everyone looking to open their minds to possibility and gain insights into the myriad of opportunities surrounding them. You will learn to recognise problems as opportunities and translate these into solutions to implement in the real world.

This course is highly beneficial to the following people, however not limited to:

  • Aspiring or early-stage entrepreneurs
  • Industry, business professionals and intrapreneurs
  • University students at a postgraduate level
  • Postdoctoral, researchers and academics
  • University faculty who support commercialisation or manage research teams


The world needs bright minds, and we want to make our programs accessible to as many emerging entrepreneurs as possible. CERI can offer substantially reduced pricing on all of our programs, thanks to our donors and sponsors. You will be awarded the respective scholarship with the maximum final pricing listed below if you meet the eligibility criteria.
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We will run these masterclasses multiple times throughout 2024 and the dates will be posted shortly.
Please reach out to the CERI team if you are interested in joining this program or to hear about the upcoming dates.



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Customer Development Masterclass
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