Mentoring Program

This program pairs CERI program graduates with industry leaders for ongoing support. Our mentors are successful professionals fluent in the world of startups, here to offer their diverse experience and skills to participants.

What to


The CERI Mentoring Program consists of monthly meetings with your mentor team. During these meetings, your team will help to workshop your startup's challenges, from helping with your core business model to negotiating a deal with a client, together reaching collaborative and proactive solutions. You will then be able to leverage this real-world experience into experiential learning to progress your company.


After the CERI Venture Mentor Program, you will have developed the necessary skills to make confident decisions to progress your startup successfully.As experienced experts in their respective fields, your mentor team will utilise their extensive networks to provide valuable insights and opportunities, giving you a competitive edge.


Is it For

  • CERI Concept to Creation Graduates
  • CERI Residents
  • CERI Customer Development Masterclass participants
  • CERI Start funding recipientsĀ 
  • Other eligible alumni


The pricing structure for this program is a little different to our others. Please fill in the program application or enquire to find out more.



Please reach out to the CERI team if you are interested in joining this program or to hear about the upcoming dates.



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