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Following on from the Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp, Concept to Creation is the perfect next step to maintain your momentum and develop your startup business skills. Each session is delivered by a subject expert, covering a diverse range of skills to elevate you on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether establishing your own start-up or contributing to an existing team, this course gives you the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

What to


The course operates over 14 weeks, with sessions running at our CERI headquarters one evening per week. Each session is led by an industry expert, filled with insightful theory, engaging activities and collaborative discussions, ensuring an immersive learning experience every week.


  • Curating and communicating your brand
  • Leadership and Resilience
  • Customer Development: identifying their problem
  • The Lean Canvas: creating, utilising and evolving your business plan
  • Intellectual property: what is it, do you need it and how to leverage its value
  • Corporate structure, constitution and business ethics
  • Keeping track: Basic bookkeeping, budgeting and cash flow knowledge essential for startups
  • Financing your startup: From bootstrapping and early investment to an IPO, what every startup needs to know
  • Presentation skills: whether presenting to a customer or investor, learn the techniques to give a stellar performance (and what to avoid!)


Walk the walk and talk the talk. We believe the most effective learning comes from action. Each weekly session has been designed to build on the previous session, with mini-deliverables and real business milestones set along the way to solidify your learnings and progress.

Don't have an idea yet? Participants who are not currently or actively pursuing their own venture are encouraged to form teams with current founders. Whether joining just for the duration of the course or engaging in a co-founding position once complete, the relationships and opportunities that evolve throughout the course will benefit everyone.

CERI has created a collaborative environment for you to openly share your ideas and plans, with everyone signing Non-Disclosure deeds before the commencement of the course.


The course provides you with the essential knowledge to start, or become a startup. As a whole, you will gain an 'entrepreneurs toolkit'; a set of diverse skills geared towards a successful startup. As a "C2C" graduate, you will be able to:

  • Successfully plan and strategise business models, identify customers, their problems and how you can provide value
  • Powerfully communicate your brand and your business's brand
  • Finance your startup with available means and seek future capital
  • Effectively communicate your idea and vision to your team, customers and investors, breezing through every presentation
  • Call on a tight-knit cohort of fellow early-stage founders
  • Graduates also receive access to exclusive networking opportunities and events held by CERI and our external network. This ensures you never miss a new opportunity and keep up to date with the forefront of innovation in Western Australia.

ESIC Status

The Australian Tax Office has ruled CERI an eligible accelerator with our three-tiered program, including education modules, mentoring, continuing education workshops and access to office accommodation. This means startup companies that complete both the Bootcamp and Concept to Creation programs qualify for 50 points of the 100 points required to be considered an Early Stage Innovation Company under Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 Subdivision 360-A, sections 360-40 and 360-45. This is excellent news for investors as they will qualify for a tax incentive for investing in your company.

More information on the ATO ESIC details here and here.

Next Steps

Completing the Concept to Creation course opens up a world of opportunity. By completing this course, you'll be eligible to apply for CERI office residency, CERI’s Venture Mentor program, the Malka Customer Development Masterclass and CERI Start funding. As you and your startup develop, our offerings facilitate you with the experience to form and grow a startup company, guiding your future path to success. 

The next move is yours.


Is it For

Concept to Creation builds upon the knowledge learnt in our 'Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp'; thus, the Bootcamp is highly encouraged to be completed first. We strongly encourage applications from startup teams, whether as a pair of co-founders or a team of 5! We also encourage application from:

  • Solo Founders looking to build their team
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Early to late-stage career development
  • Industry, business professionals and intrapreneurs
  • University students at a postgraduate level
  • Postdoctoral, researchers and academics


CERI is for beautiful minds of all different kinds. We make our programs accessible to as many emerging entrepreneurs as possible.  Thanks to our donors, sponsors, and not-for-profit organisations, CERI can offer substantially reduced pricing on all of our programs. You will be awarded the respective scholarship with the maximum final pricing listed below if you meet the eligibility criteria.
C2C Student Scholarship
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Final price after scholarship
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The Student Scholarship is for individuals currently studying at an undergraduate or postgraduate level at a recognised training institute.
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Scholarship Eligibility
The applicant must be currently studying a full-time university load of 75 credits or equivalent to be eligible.
C2C Founder Scholarship
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The Founder Scholarship is for individuals currently working on a business concept or idea.
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Scholarship Eligibility
This applicant must be a startup founder or co-founder, have a registered company and have raised less than $100,000 in funding.
C2C Professional Scholarship (Part-time)
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The Professional Scholarship is for individuals currently employed on a part-time basis and looking to progress on their entrepreneurial journey.
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This applicant will be employed on a part-time basis.
C2C Professional Scholarship (Full-time)
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The Professional Scholarship is for individuals currently employed on a full-time basis and looking to progress on their entrepreneurial journey.
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We run our Concept to Creation startup program multiple times throughout the year. Look below to find out when is going to work best for your to take the next step on your entrepreneurial journey.
Concept to Creation September
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Each Thursday evening from 5pm-7.30pm Week 1: 1st of September Week 14: 1st of December
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Week 1
1st of September
The first week of the Concept to Creation program is an introductory session, a chance for you to meet the other in the cohort.
Week 14 | Graduation & Pitch Night
1st of December
The program culminates on week 14 where the top 4 startup concepts will Pitch to a room full of people from the WA and Australian startup ecosystem.



Customer Development Masterclass
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